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Cowboys and Lace

Scheme Events paired up with Perfect Wedding Guide to host their quarter 3 networking event at Veil at The Silverton. With months of planning and talented sponsors, our Cowboys and Lace event turned out to be a great success. A huge thank you to all the amazing vendors who helped put together such a fun and exciting country chic event. We could not have done it without you. Ron Miller, thank you for capturing all the details and action shots. We fell in love with the event all over again.


































































































































































































































































































Samantha's Kickball Throwdown

Samantha’s 30th surprise birthday party planned by her fiance, Sammy, was epic! Sammy came to us for help in developing an idea and pulling off the surprise. After brainstorming, a kickball throwdown had to happen. So, we had baseball shirts created in purple and gold, Samantha’s favorite colors, and asked players to pick a team and gear up.

When a player reached 1st or 3rd base they had to take a shot of something delicious. The defending team was able to slow down runners with holi powder. Let’s just say the players were a mess by the end of the game.


How to Personalize a Wedding

Long gone are the days of cookie cutter weddings with the same flowers, songs, dresses and traditions at every event.  One of our favorite parts of the planning process is finding ways to infuse parts of every bride and groom into the details of their wedding.  It’s about YOUR styles, YOUR personalities, YOUR likes and dislikes.  Don’t wanna wear a veil?  Fine with us.  Love punk rock music for your reception?  Go for it.  There are many ways to personalize a wedding.  Here are some of our favorites below.

We’ve had a number of brides and grooms brand themselves with a new couples name.  For instance, remember Amber & Sam?  They are better known as “Samber.”  Just last month, Kenny & Andrea invited their guests to the “Team KA” wedding.  And Denise & Benjamin getting married in May 2013 go by “BenDee.”

Below are some examples of Scheme Couples putting their personal spin on celebrating with friends and family.  Be inspired!  What fun ideas do you have planned to make your wedding truly reflect YOU as a couple?

Chris & Alicia are the fab duo that make up Orange Soda Photography.  So…obviously we had one or two (or ten) nods to their favorite fizzy drink incorporated into the wedding.

{photos by AltF}

Lauren & Scott really knew their wedding was a reflection of the friends and family who supported them.  They honored relatives and personalized decor by using pictures of past weddings and special family moments.

{photos by Ella Gagiano}

Jordan & Craig are music lovers.  Like…big time.  Guests rocked out to all their personal details.  Record guest book, lyrical invitations, skull heels.  They got it all.  Jordan even surprised Craig by walking down the aisle to a sentimental Avenge Sevenfold song.

{Photos by Orange Soda Photography}

In Mansi’s culture, brides wear colorful gowns to weddings.  White is a color reserved for mourning at funerals, says the specialist for funeral flowers in Houston, so not very appropriate for this occasion.  Mansi wore an absolutely stunning Very Wang American style wedding gown, but in a gorgeous pink color as a nod to her heritage.  It was a perfect way to blend cultures!

{Photo by Visuals Around Sound}

Do you have great personalized details you are incorporating in your wedding?  We’d love to hear about them!