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When to Schedule a Bridal Shower

Are you a bridesmaid, close friend or relative looking to host a bridal shower?  There are some tips, rules and guidelines to throwing a great shower–one of them being to schedule the shower at the appropriate time.  Generally, it is best to have the shower 2 months-2 weeks before the wedding.  Avoid scheduling a shower too close to the wedding date, or if the couple and/or guests are traveling to the wedding, make sure it is at least 2 weeks prior to the week everyone will be leaving.  It’s nice for the bride and groom to have a buffer of time before the wedding.  Scheduling the shower too early in the process can be a problem if not enough of the wedding plans are confirmed and finalized.  Wedding showers can be on any day of the week and follow a variety of formats: Sunday brunch, afternoon tea, Friday night party or office luncheon.  Talk with the bride, family members and guests to determine the best availability for all involved.

For help with coordination, design and other wedding shower etiquette contact Scheme Events!

Meet Jordan and Craig

We cannot get enough of this couple. When we first talked with Jordan and Craig back in January, there was an instant friendship with them. They are full of love and happiness and we are thrilled to be a part of their wedding on April 21, 2012. Originally from Alaska, this couple loves everything life has to offer them. They currently reside in Texas and are loving it. Their amazing music themed ceremony and reception will be held at Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip. This red and black wedding will be full of awesome details that scream “Jordan and Craig” and is for sure one you are not going to want to miss when we post photos of it next year!

Craig had some plans up his sleeve in October 2010 while training for his job in Oklahoma City, OK. Read below to relive how he popped the question to the love of his life as told by Jordan!

“We had planned a date night at our favorite restaurant, The Melting Pot, and had decided it would be fun to dress up– we usually try to do a date like this at least once a year and the last time was summer 2009 while living in Houston, so we were well-do! I wanted to wear my “little back dress” and the necklace he got me in back high school but it had broken a few months before. I brought it with me thinking that we could stop at a mall and buy a new chain before we went out.

We shopped a few jewelry stores to find the right chain at the right price and in the last one he randomly asked if I wanted to look at rings. I was caught off guard so much and was really surprised, but I went ahead and tried a few on. That was the first time we had looked and he was asking a lot of questions and playing “dumb” like he didn’t know anything about diamonds and the 3 c’s. We tried a few on and the lady tried to get us to buy one on the spot, we just laughed and said, “Thanks, but we are just starting to look.” We left the mall laughing about how bad she wanted a sale and then I mentioned that just so he knew that he did have to ask my dad first and he was saying how nervous he would be and how intimidating my dad would be. Thinking nothing of this, we went along with our day.

After the mall we had a few hours so we headed downtown to visit the Oklahoma City Bombing memorial. After the memorial, we went to “Bricktown” for a walk on the river-walk and then rushed back to the hotel so that we could watch the live broadcasting of my little sister’s first college hockey game. We watched the game and I got so into it that I lost track of time. I rushed to get ready, and was putting my makeup on while trying to watch the last of the game. Craig kept telling me we were going to be late but it was just so exciting to see her play. Finally, we left and got to the restaurant, everything was normal and he didn’t seem different at all.

Once we finished the main course, we ordered our dessert and a few moments later the manager brought out the plate, a champagne flute filled with strawberries and a BEAUTIFUL ring on top! I didn’t think I’d be a crier, but when I saw that ring the tears came!  I looked over at him and next thing I knew he was down on one knee and grabbed my hand. We were so caught up in the moment that we both aren’t 100% sure on what he said, but I remember something about me being the best thing that has ever happened to him and would I spend the rest of my life with him…. I tried to say yes, but all I could do was shake my head and once I could breathe I said, “Yes, I would love to spend the rest of my life with you!” and he placed the ring on my finger! A surprise to me… Craig had been looking at rings for several weeks and had called my dad 2 weeks before the big day… he had the whole thing planned out.”

{Photos courtesy of Jordan Kadel}

Congratulations, Jordan and Craig! We are so excited to be a part of your April 2012 wedding!

Scheme Loves… Amelia C & Co.

There are not enough words to say about how much we love Amelia C & Co. When we met Amelia, owner of Amelia C & Co., it was a friendship at first sight. She is kind hearted, willing to help out no matter what and will always be there for her clients and vendor friends here in Las Vegas. Amelia C & Co. recently did the Scheme Teams’ hair & makeup for our 1st Birthday Party and let’s just say that we felt phenomenal and ready to celebrate when we were all made up. To view the beautiful job that she did on us for our party, check out the link here and here! Read below to find out some more about this amazing team of makeup and hair artists (make sure you click the links to get to know each of them).

“I’ve been doing hair and makeup for 7 years, and formed the agency at the start of this year. My style is organic, grounded, and soulful. I believe that women should feel like they have a personal connection with the person who will be handling their face and their ego the day they throw the biggest party of their lives. That’s why all my artists are personally introduced on the website and we go out of our way to connect with brides.”


What blog or website do you use the most often for inspiration? – Ever since I started becoming aware of how lazy our government is with the stuff the allowed to be slapped on our faces, I check my new product purchases with this awesome website for chemical safety! I can’t always buy safe for quality control reasons, but I do what I can.



As a hair and makeup artist, what advantages do you have when working with a coordinator?

The best part about working with a coordinator is that I don’t have to put lashes on a moving target! Even the most basic event has several layers to it, and a bride in “management” mode wants to handle it all. Having a coordinator on hand is easier than me trying to put lipstick on a talking mouth confirming limo arrivals and bouquet deliveries!


What are some misconceptions about professional hair and makeup artist that you’d like to address?

The biggest misconception brides have about makeup artists is the idea that there is only one fixed way of doing things. One of the questions I get asked the most is about airbrush makeup… because we live in a photo-shopped world where models look flawless, brides think that airbrush makeup will provide the same thing. The reality is that airbrush is suitable in only certain circumstances and that it’s up to the artist to really work with the client to determine the best possible makeup application and technique. The best approach is to trust your judgment based on the artists portfolio and reviews and know that no matter their own artistic approach to makeup, it obviously works if their credentials look snazzy!


What do you want a bride to know about your business?

That there’s a fine line between our professional advice and giving you what you want. As hair and makeup artists, we walk a very fine, sometimes blurry, sometimes missing line between offering our professional opinion and then sometimes doing something we don’t totally agree with but make’s the bride happy. We are the only industry that deals with a woman’s self image on what is usually the culmination of the romance of her life! With that in mind, we don’t always know really how much a bride wants our opinion, or if she’s looking for us to OK that purple lipstick she’s been sporting since her Fly Girl phase.


Let’s play loaded questions with Amelia C. of Amelia C & Co.

What are some of your hobbies outside the wedding industry?

I’m a pretty organic-living chick and don’t think you have to let your armpit hair grow out in order to stay connected to the earth! That, and if your organic face mask seeps into your mouth, it’s probably tasty and totally edible. (I think one of mine also doubles as a muffin spread.)

What is something you wish you could do every day?

Grocery shop. I hunt down spices, wine, and cheese the way most women stalk a Coach outlet. Oh well, ces’t la vie.

What is something you’re simply not good at?

Nails. I will not do nails. However, I do carry a nail-fix kit in my makeup kit and will gladly provide it for you to do your own phalange recovery! My nail was so bad in beauty school I actually laughed when I gave the examiner my “acrylic” nail for the final exam.

What is the best thing you’ve spent money on recently?

My stained concrete floors. I’ll never go back to tile or carpet or wood again.

What is something you want to try just once?

I would like to make a YouTube video to commemorate the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks and celebrate its glorious reprieve thru interpretive dance.

Contact Amelia C & Co. at 702.610.8699 and view more of their work here!