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Scheme Loves… Enchanted Florist

Enchanted Florist is filled with the most generous, dedicated and fun people to work with. Their staff consists of talented artists bringing their own unique perspectives to the company resulting in amazing floral design. Brides can be assured that Enchanted Florist will create something personal and amazing for their wedding day. Scheme Events also loves Enchanted Florist because they are dedicated to the ideals of Eco-Friendly business. They practice many techniques to ensure that their environmental footprint is as small as possible.We first met Teresa Stewart of Enchanted Florist over a year ago and  have grown to know her and the rest of the Enchanted Florist team and enjoy working with them. Please visit our Chanel N27 and Katie and Derek’s Wedding blog to view more of Enchanted Florist’s work.

Enchanted Florist is Las Vegas’ Premier floral boutique. Owners Kathryn Null and Teresa Stewart are dedicated to the creation of unique and expressive floral designs to enhance all environments. Enchanted Florist has worked with such well-known organizations as MTV, The Hilton, Vera Wang, Elton John, Americas Next Top Model,Tyra Banks, Bette Milder, Louie Anderson and the Las Vegas Convention Center, American Idol, The Las Vegas Trump Towers and The Las Vegas Wynn Hotel.  Every arrangement is special to their hand picked staff and they are excited to work with you. See below for a few of Enchanted Florist’ favorite photos.

List 3 blogs or website you use for inspiration:

Name 3 books you’d suggest for a bride to read before the wedding:

  • Wherever you Go, There you Are
  • Everyday Zen
  • Oh The Places You’ll Go!

What are the benefits a bride will experience when using your services?

Customized and non-constricted design.

What do you want a bride to know about your business?

We are not an assembly line. Enchanted Florist is a group of artist that use living fauna as our medium.

Let’s play loaded questions with Teresa from Enchanted Florist…

What are some of your hobbies outside the wedding industry?

Music, Dance, Art

What is something you wish you could do every day?


What did you do last night?

Had a philosophical debate on the Arts in Las Vegas with Melanie and Moe of Enchanted Florist.

What is the best thing you’ve spent money on recently?

A fantastic new handbag!!!!

What is something you want to try just once?

Climbing Mt. Fuji with my husband.

What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?

Moved to the Navajo Nation on a whim.

What is the strangest part of your morning or nighttime routine?

Caring for my 12 year old dog’s eyes.

What food do you think should have its own category on the food guide pyramid?


What was your first real paying job?

Cashier at Albertson’s

What would you rather be doing today?

Nothing, absolutely nothing but working right here in this shop!

Enchanted Florist
3261 S. Highland Dr. Ste #604
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 731-2656

Scheme Loves… Emeric Photography

We first met Jessie of Emeric Photography at a Muffins and Mimosas mixer hosted by Weeds Floral. Immediately, we connected with Jessie. She is always smiling, has an outgoing personality and can relate to almost anyone. Soon after, we enlisted her help in a photoshoot for our website. We love the photos so much that one landed our homepage spot! Jessie knew we were in a time crunch, so she went above and beyond for us. She brought her laptop to the site so we could pick out our favorite images on the spot. They were edited and sent to us the next day. We had a great time with Emeric Photography and look forward to working with them again soon!

Jessie & Jason Emeric are not just owners of Emeric Photography, they are married and very much in love. Emeric Photography is a modern wedding & lifestyle photography company based in Las Vegas, NV. Having worked in the photography indusrty for almost 10 years in both Orlando, FL and Las Vegas, NV, these photographers know exactly how to capture the photos every client is looking for. Emeric Photography does not just specialize in wedding and engagement photos, they also love capturing the beautiful relationships and milestone moments that children and their families share. See below for a few of Emeric’s favorite photos.

As a photographer, what advantages do you have when working with a coordinator?

Working with a coordinator helps keep the stress of the wedding day away from the bride, keeping her calm, relaxed, and looking and feeling her best. A happy bride makes for beautiful photographs! Other advantages are that they keep the day running smoothly and they know how important photography is for our couples and allot plenty of time to get our shots!”

What are the benefits a bride will experience when using your services?

Aside from having two experienced photographers documenting her wedding day from various angles and perspectives, she knows that we’re there for her. We strive on building relationships with our clients prior to the wedding day, so that come wedding day, they trust us and are comfortable with us. We’re going to treat you like our friend because chances are by the time the wedding comes around, we probably are!

What do you want a bride to know about your business?

I want her to know that we absolutely love photographing people in love! It’s more than our business, it’s who we are. Getting to know our clients is a vital part of what we do. That’s why we include engagement sessions with all our wedding photography collections. This allows us to get to know each other and makes everyone more comfortable and relaxed on the big day.

What is your process like while working with a bride?

Like I keep saying, it’s all about building trust and getting to know each other. A lot of our brides are destination brides from all over the world, so we communicate a lot via email. We also like to schedule phone calls to chat about the wedding day and their expectations for the wedding photography. If you’re a local bride, we like to meet up in person and chat over coffee or lunch. About a few weeks before the wedding day we’ll either send via email or we’ll meet up to go over the wedding day timeline and get final details, such as “must have” shots, family/group combination’s, etc. We know that wedding days can be hectic and things don’t always go as planned, but it’s always good to have a game plan! On the wedding day, we go with the flow and work hard to keep things running smoothly and fun. We’ve been known to go above and beyond our roles of photographers and help with boutonnieres, bustling dresses and pulling out our emergency ziplock baggie with bandaids, aspirin, safety pins, bobby pins, etc. We like to document the wedding day as it unfolds and our style during the getting ready shots, ceremony, and reception tend to be more photojournalistic. We do allot some time, usually after the ceremony, for the bride’s requested images, including bridal party and family group shots. We also always like to take some time together to photograph the couple alone to create some fun and romantic images! It doesn’t end at the wedding day, since we continue to communicate and work together to design and layout the bride’s custom wedding book.

Let’s play loaded questions with Emeric Photography…

What are some of your hobbies outside the wedding industry?

With our 5-year old son and our almost 2-year old daughter, it’s hard to find any free time, let alone time for “hobbies”! I’m not sure if traveling is considered a hobby, but if so, then that is one thing we love to do. We really enjoy visiting new places, trying out new foods, and just getting away to spend time together, either alone or with our family. Aside from that, I like to read, cook and go on walks and Jason likes to draw, refurbish furniture and do those crazy hard puzzles.

What did you do last night?

We went out and had a delicious dinner with friends to celebrate their wedding anniversary. The best part is that there were no kids! It’s nice to get out for some adult-time every once in a while!

What is the best thing you’ve spent money on recently?

We recently purchased a couple new lenses for our cameras and we are so happy with them!

What would you rather be doing today?

Taking a nice long nap!

The Most Ridiculous Wedding Event Ever 2!

Scheme was extremely fortunate to be invited by the one and only Mindy Weiss to attend The Most Ridiculous Wedding Event Ever 2 in California this past weekend. We had such an amazing experience and will be gushing all about it over the next few weeks. Here are some snapshots we took over the weekend.

Mindy greeted us at the door for The Most Ridiculous Wedding Event Ever 2! After a brief chat (can we just say that Mindy is one of the sweetest people we have ever met), we headed into the event for breakfast. They had these darling placemats (above) and “Good Afternoon” ones for lunch.

In addition to bagels, muffins, and fruit, there were mason jars filled with various cereals and yogurt parfaits for breakfast.

Tara loves her cereal!

Jacqueline and Rissa enjoying the delicious Hibiscus Lemonade at breakfast.

Did we mention how much we love Mindy Weiss? She put us in the front row! We were up close to hear from some of the best wedding professionals in the industry.

It was a beautiful day, so lunch was served outside from food trucks. We had delicious grilled cheese and pesto fries from The Munchie Machine along with a fresh salad buffet.

Cool Haus Ice Cream Truck provided yummy ice cream sandwiches complete with edible wrappers for dessert.

One of the highlights of our day: meeting Randy Fenoli from Say Yes to the Dress! We loved his story about getting off a farm in Southern Illinois and starting his career in bridal fashion.

We cannot thank Mindy enough for such a RIDICULOUS experience! We will be sure to share the professional pictures and video with you all once they are posted.